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How Does Your Idea Become A Product?

Have an amazing product idea but not sure what your next step is? Learn how to take an idea to a finished product.

3 Detrimental Mistakes to Avoid in the New Product Development Process

These common mistakes can add additional time, fees, and headaches to your development process.

Top 3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Manufacturer

On the hunt for a new manufacturer? Keep these things in mind when speaking to manufacturers. 

What's the Difference Between Turnkey, Contract, Private Label, and White Label Manufacturing?

We'll take you through the differences so you can narrow down your manufacturer search to the specific type you need

2 Big Mistakes Brands Make When Designing Labels

There are a lot of factors that go into making a product label. We'll help you avoid the two biggest mistakes that can easily take your great product label to an instant fail.

Why is it So Hard to Read Cosmetic Ingredient Labels?

Ingredient Lists Unwrapped: A Brand Owner's Guide to Compliance and Transparency.

Help! My New Formulator's Samples Aren't Matching My Product

Join Christina as she navigates through the challenges of reverse engineering a sample from an already-existing formula.

What’s the difference Stock, Semi Custom, and Fully Custom Formulas

Curious about the differences among your manufacturer's formulas? Explore the unique differences between Stock, Semi-Custom, and Fully-Custom formulas.

What Impacts the Timeline of Getting Your Product to Market?

Crucial factors can significantly impact the timeline. Explore the intricate web of challenges. Gain a comprehensive understanding of key hurdles. Empower yourself to navigate the skincare industry with confidence and efficiency.

Key Factors Impacting the Cost of Producing Custom Skincare

Christina breaks down the intricacies of estimating the costs involved in producing a custom skincare product. We'll guide you through the essential considerations, hidden expenses, and potential cost-saving strategies to help you make informed decisions while planning your skincare venture.

Difference Between Clean, Natural, and Organic Skincare

Christina explains the difference between clean beauty, natural, and organic skincare.

Silkscreen vs. Labeling

Expert insights on a common dilemma: choice between silk-screening and labeling products. Christina shares valuable pros and cons to help brands make informed decision that aligns with their unique vision and goals. This clip offers essential guidance for your product branding and manufacturing journey.

Can you make me a preservative free product?

Yes, but with a vital caveat. Christina emphasizes the significance of safety in skincare and cosmetics manufacturing, ensuring that our clients are informed about the importance of preservatives and the requirements when not using them in product formulation.

Stability Testing on a Product

To Test or Not to Test: When is it a must, the risks you take without it, and those instances where your product might get a pass? The Water Dilemma: Discover why water and stability testing go hand-in-hand. Preservative-Free Myth Busting: Think going preservative-free is the answer? Not if your product has water, or contains a water based ingredient.

Hidden Costs of Manufacturing Your Product in Q4

Christina unravels the hidden costs of manufacturing, exclusively designed for Q4 insights. In this eye-opening session, she unveils a crucial aspect of the production process that often remains concealed — the intricacies and costs associated with shipping.

Holiday Skin Breakout Mystery: Navigating Blemishes and Dryness

Discover the reasons behind holiday skin breakouts as Christina dives into the impact of stress, dietary changes, and culprits like sugar and dairy, guiding you through a season of skincare wisdom on IG, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Manufacturing in the US vs Overseas. Part 1

What are the potential issues you could face when manufacturing overseas aside from the obvious? 

Trends in Skincare + Ingredients That Work vs. Ones That Don't

Christina and dermatologist, Dr Kathy Orlick delve deep into the world of beauty science providing valuable knowledge for both industry professionals and skincare enthusiasts.

CBD Pros and Cons for Skincare Brands

Controversial Ingredients are the ones you see trending like CBD, colloidal silver, and retinol. Take a minute and learn more about the controversy behind them as our CEO does a short series on each one.

Top 3 Things Brands Should Know About Their Packaging Choices

We get questions from brands (and consumers believe it or not!) every day about packaging. Generally, these three things aren't taken into consideration but should be. 

Manufacturing Overseas. Part 2. QUALITY

What do you need to know about manufacturing overseas? It all boils down to ingredients, guarantees, and documentation. Even then... what do you need to know



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